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Traffic and road conditions

23 November 2014

Due to fog the visibility is reduced in Lika mountain area, in the central and eastern parts - on the motorways: A1 between Zagreb and Bosiljevo 2 junction, from Otočac junction to Sveti Rok tunnel, A3 Bregana-Lipovac between Novska and Lipovac junctions, along the entire A4 Zagreb-Goričan and A11 Velika Gorica jug-Buševec. The roads are there wet and slippery.

Difficulties are expected in roadwork areas.

On the A3 Zagreb detour road between Kosnica and Buzin junctions 29th-27th km in direction Bregana the driving speed has to be reduced to 40 km/h due to roadworks at Jakuševec junction.

Drivers are invited to keep distance, to adjust the driving speed to road conditions and to turn on the headlights during the day as well.

24 November 10pm-2am traffic is suspended on the part of the A1 motorway between Ogulin and Brinje junctions due to roadworks in Brinje tunnel. Detour: Ogulin junction-Josipdol-Jezerane-Brinje junction.

15 November 2014-15 April 2015 winter equipment is compulsory on most Croatian roads despite the weather conditions.

One road lane is free:
- on the A1 motorway between Lučko and Karlovac junctions, at the 48th km in direction Zagreb, in Brezik tunnel (138th-143rd km) in each direction, between Perušić and Gospić junctions 176th-175th km in direction Zagreb, in Bristovac tunnel (334th-229th km) in direction Split till 15 December, between Bisko and Blato na Cetini junctions 405th-407th km in direction Dubrovnik,
- on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway 41st-42nd km in direction Macelj,
- on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway 167th-177th km,
- on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway 80th-79th km in direction Zagreb, 75th-76th km in direction Rijeka,
- on Rijeka detour road from Trsat tunnel to Kozala viaduct (28th-26th km) in direction Rupa till 30 November - the driving speed has to be reduced to 40 km/h.

Roadworks are also in progress:
- on the D2 Osijek detour road between Čepinska and Vinkovačka junctions - traffic is closed till 23 December;
- on the part of the D2 state road Našice-Josipovac at Markovac Našički, Jelisavac, Breznica Našička and Koška till 14 April 2015;
- on the D34 Belišće-Josipovac state road on Valpovo detour road - till 31 December traffic is closed;
- on the D423 state road Slavonski Brod-Slavonski Brod port - traffic is suspended till 1 June 2015;
- on the D51 Jakšić-Požega state road - traffic is closed till 22 November 7am-7pm, detour: Požega (D38)-Vidovci-Dervišaga (D38)-Kuzmica (D38)-Kuzmica (ŽC4116)-Jakšić (D51);
- on the D2 state road in Koprivnica from direction Varaždin;
- on the D307 Gornja Stubica-Marija Bistrica at the place Banšćica - all traffic is suspended (detour: ŽC224 Gornja Stubica-Laz Bistrički for traffic up to 10 tonnes, D24 Hum Zabočki-Zlatar Bistrica-D29-Marija Bistrica for traffic above 10 tonnes);
- on the D29 Novi Golubovec (D35)-Zlatar Bistrica-Marija Bistrica-Soblinec(D3) state road - traffic is closed between Marija Bistrica and Kašina;
- on the D507 Gubaševo-Krapinske Toplice state road at Krapinske Toplice till 31 December;
- on the D205 Klanjec-Gubaševo state road between Klanjec and Dubrovčan - all traffic is suspended till 17 November;
- on the D1 state road from Gornji Macelj to Velika Ves - one lane is free 8am-6pm till 31 December;
- on the D1 Macelj-Krapina-Zagreb-Karlovac state road under the A3 viaduct at Lučko - one lane is free till 30 May 2015;
- on the D3 state road between Skrad and Kupjak - one lane is free only;
- on the D32 state road from Crni Lug to the D3 junction (Delnice-Javornik) - traffic is closed 8am-7pm;
- in Istria on the D303 state road in Rovinj, section Concetta-Turnina, and on the part Rovinj-Gripole, till 17 February 2015;
- in Istria on the D210 Buzet-Požane state road till 30 April 2015;
- in Istria on the part of the D48 state road Baderna-Šurani till 23 December;
- in Istria on the D66 Pula northern detour road from Šijan junction to Pula junction till 31 December;
- in Istria on the D75 Stancija Vodopija-G.Špadići state road - traffic is suspended till 22 November;
- on the island of Rab - on the D105 Lopar-Rab state road between Gornja and Donja Supetarska Draga - traffic is occasionally closed;
- on Pag island at Stara Novalja;
- on the D23 Duga Resa-Josipdol state road at Tounj till 31 December;
- on the D42 Vrbovsko-Ljubošina state road at Perić bridge - there is a traffic ban on vehicles heavier than 3,5 tonnes;
- on the D1 state road at Slunj - one lane is free;
- on the D1 state road Budačka Rijeka-Grabovac at Rakovica - till 4 December one lane is free;
- on the D1 state road at Korenica;
- on the D1 state road at Žagrović near Knin till 21 November;
- on the section of the D50 state road Varoš-Perušić as well as in the place Raduč - traffic is flowing over one lane only till 31 December;
- on the D33 state road through Knin - traffic is suspended till 23 December;
- on the D1 Udbina-Gračac-Knin, D50 Sveti Rok-Gračac, D27 Gračac-Obrovac-Karin and D54 Zaton Obrovački-Maslenica state roads - winter equipment is compulsory for all vehicles despite the weather conditions 15 November-15 April;
- on the D27 state road at Prezid tunnel in direction Zadar;
- Privlaka bridge is closed for boats;
- on the D8 Adriatic road at Krilo Jesenice - one lane is free, detour: Žrnovnica-Tugare-Gata-Omiš (D8-ŽC 6142-D70-D8);
- on the D59 state road Bribirske Mostine-Krković (Šibenik area) - one road lane is free only due to road damage;
- at the junction of D409/D315 state roads in Trogir (Pantan part);
- on the sections of the D8 Adriatic road Živogošće (Blato)-Ploče and Čibača-Kupari;
- on the D8 Adriatic road at Duće;
- on the D9 Metković-Opuzen state road.

Roadside assistance

Hrvatski Autoklub (HAK)

Avenija Dubrovnik 44, P.O. Box 240
10010 Zagreb

Road assistance
- from Croatia: (+385 1) 1987
- from abroad: +385 1 4693 700
- E-mail : 1987@hak.hr (Roadside assistance)
- Fax. (+385 1) 66 03 287 (Roadside assistance)

Traffic information:
- from Croatia: 072 777 777
- from abroad: +385 1 464 0800
- E-mail : info@hak.hr (Traffic information)

Breakdown and towing service

Breakdown service: For HAK clubs and its affiliated local clubs throughout the country, dial +385 1 1987 from mobile or landline phone. Breakdown service is available 24 hours a day.

Towing service: Available 24 hours a day throughout the country.

Help, advice and information

Touring services: Information on customs, travel itineraries, free of charge. Recommendation of hotels, garages.

Road information: 24 hours a day, call: 072 777 777 (from Croatia) or (+385 1) 464 0800 (from abroad); via radio (in Italian, English, and German during the summer season), TV and press.

E-mail: info@hak.hr (Road information)

Legal service: Legal advice, assistance and consultation free.

Travel and leisure activities

Camping: In most campsites there is a 5 - 10 % discount for HAK members and foreign tourists, owners of the International Camping Card (CCI).

Other services

Show your Card! discounts.

Sales: Road maps. Miscellaneous services for FIA club members : Maximum aid for foreign club members.


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Ferry traffic

All ferries operate regularly.

Useful telephone numbers

- SOS Call (Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance): 112
- Traffic and Road Conditions Info: +385 1 464 0800
- Roadside Assistance Service: +385 1987, +385 1 4693 700

Border crossings

At the border crossings there are no delays.

Traffic restrictions

See traffic and road conditions!